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Why Thermoform?

  • Inexpensive Tooling
  • Rapid Product Development Cycle
  • Wide Range Of Plastics Available
  • Large Or Thick Parts, No Problem

Our Thermoforming Process

Mold Making

Our engineers design and create molds, which are made of aluminum and cut at our factory with one of our 2 CNC machines. Our ability to manufacture molds quickly or modify current molds makes your experience beginning a project with us very easy.  We are nimble during customer design changes, which is just another example of how our vertically integrated manufacturing capability benefits our customers.

Raw Materials

We order plastic and/or product accessories are based on your project needs, inspect incoming materials for quality, and use them when your product is ready to be made; however, we also keep a large stock of commonly used plastics such as ABS, PC, HDPE, HIPS, and more. If you’re uncertain which material is suitable for your product, we’ll help you decide.


Rather than purchasing plastic sheets like most thermoformers, we extrude them in-house. This provides optimal cost savings and complete control of quality. Our 10 extrusion machines are always producing, which minimizes lost time starting and stopping machines.

We also co-extrude sheets when products require multiple layers of different plastic and can add texture or design films to your products. The maximum sheet thickness we are capable of is 15mm (0.59″).


With help from 13 forming machines, we often complete high volume products; and our auto-load machines reduce the man-hours needed for production. Our maximum size capability is 16.4 x 6.6 x 2.6 feet (5000x2000x800mm) [LxWxH].

Cutting and Post-Forming Process

After forming, the scrap plastic is removed from the part by either pneumatic die cutting or CNC machining. Any necessary post-forming features, such as holes, are also completed to produce the final part. Technicians do this manually or with one of our 7 CNC routers (some have five-axis capability for more complicated parts). Scrap plastic is recycled in our factory.

Plastics Recycling

Most thermoformers sell their plastic scraps to a dedicated recycling factory or back to their plastic sheet supplier for less than the true value. We have an in-house recycling process, making our prices the most competitive in the world. We sort, grind, and process scrap plastics right in our factory and use them for products as required.

Packaging and Shipping

Your final packaging requirements are important details that we consider at the beginning of the project. We also create suggestions based on our experience which will aid your decisions for packaging and shipping details.